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Brick Slip Systems


Candiwall is a unique, patented extruded polystyrene (XPS) brick cladding system that enables you to use real clay brick slips to create an insulated real brick facade for almost any type of building.  The Candiwall system is easy to use and has many advantages over other brick slip panels. 


SCANROC is a sophisticated ventilated facade system with thermal insulation, consisting of three basic elements: a steel grid fixed onto the building wall, thermal insulation material with real clay brick slips. The key element is the air gap between the insulation and the facade. This air gap provides temperature equalisation and active humidity removal.

Our Range of Brick Slips

king klinker brick slips

Fully engineered brick slips available in UK format of 215mm x 14mm x 65mm 

KING SIZE format available for that increasingly popular LINEAL feel in contemporary colours

Suitable for use on CANDIWALL or SCANROC systems or for use on their own

The forest range brick slips

Exclusive to DKM Brick Cladding, this range of brick slips offers Smooth and Textured Reds, Buffs, Brown Multi and Brilliant White.  Available in 65mm high or 50mm formats to suit Candiwall or for use on their own.

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