The Forest Range of Brick Slips

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The Forest Range

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DKM Brick Cladding

The Forrest Range of Real Clay Brick Slips is available in two distinct textures.  We can offer you Reds, Buffs, Brown Multi and White


Smooth, chic, clean looking  finishes help with a sharpness of style that is so appealing in all things contemporary.  The Forrest range can offer so much in all colours.

Brief Technical

With the Forrest Range, DKM offers a bespoke range of custom made brick slips that compliment the Candiwall Insulated Brick Slip System.

Originally this range of brick slips was developed for use with Candiwall, but now can be supplied and used for any application – with or without Candiwall. 

All Forest Range manufactured slips are frost resistant to F2 and are precision made using specially selected clays in a purpose built factory. 

Fired at 1150 degrees C the whole range is durable, aesthetically pleasing and available from UK stocks.

Standard Sizes

All straight Stretcher Slips are supplied 220mm x 14mm x 65mm with corners at 220/90mm x 14mm x 65mm.  

For a more contemporary feel, all styles are available in a lower, sleeker format of 220mm x 14mm x 50mm with corners at 220/90mm x 14mm x 50mm



There are two textures available – Classic Smooth and Prestige Shot Blasted. 

The Classic, smooth slips have a very fine texture eminently suited for modern designs, whilst the Prestige styles have a rougher texture which gives a softer, more rustic feel.

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